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Station Zero X Is

a Web3 Game Studio

we are on a mission to liberate gamers from traditional gaming exploitation. We aim to develop free, competitive, play-to-earn games that can compete with traditional games while adding core web3 values such as:

1. Fully Decentralized Economy and stats

All the games economy and stats are controlled by the DAG

2. Player-sovereign in game assets

All game assets and tokens are controlled by the players

we are here
to chang the game

The Dawn of Competitive FPS on Fantom: FinalCypher Coming Soon.

Station Zero X leads a revolution in web3 games with FinalCypher.

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A strategic, 5v5, FPS game set in a retro-futuristic world, built using Unreal Engine 5.

Each character has a unique set of abilities that cater to different types of players.

Our flagship game and herald of Competitive E-Sports on Fantom.

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A free to play space-themed PvP board strategy game similar to chess that runs in your browser.

Crush your enemies to earn Ores. Combine different ores to manufacture your own spaceships.

It launched late 2021 and attracted more than 2,500 players in its closed beta launch.

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Why Station Zero X?

Our core values

Fun First

Games First, Investment Second

We’re tired of P2E gaming being just about investment. Our games prioritize competitive strategy and game mechanics over cute NFTs.

Sustainable Economy

Sustainable Economy

One of the core variables in a game-world are its economy. In other studio’s games, inflation and unbalanced economy ruin the overall experience. We always have balance in mind.

Long Term Incentives

Long Term Incentives

We reward our life blood: the players. Focusing on long-term incentives, we keep the playerbase aligned with our goals and the success of the in game universe.

Purposeful NFTs

Purposeful NFTs

We don’t create NFTs just for the sake of having them. Our NFTs are manufactured with in-game utilities and serve specific purposes.

Pure Meritocracy

Pure Meritocracy

Each game should have its unique-tailored meritocratic player-only owned in-game economy.

game Accessibility


Games should be free-to-play with no barrier of entry. (No NFTs purchases required)

Scalable Architecture

Scalable Architecture

Our game architecture is fully scalable. Our games will consistently run regardless of player count or other issues web3 games face.

Games Agile development

Agile development

We have a highly experienced and involved team who takes the playerbase’s concerns to heart, afterall, we loves games too!

We build,
you control.

Our decentralized Autonomous Games are fully controlled by their respective player bases. $SZX is designed to yield pro rata revenue shares while empowering its holders to govern DAO economic policies, decentralized modding of games and controlling Station Zero X treasury.

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All of Station Zero X’s existing and future games will be Free to Play as well as Play to Earn.

Station Zero X offers 12% of its SZX governance tokens to the community. By being an active contributor, whether thats by reporting bugs, suggesting new ideas, or contributing in other ways, you can be eligible to receive a portion of the SZX governance tokens.

Decentralized Autonomous Games are Games that governed and controled by the DAO, like changing the game stats on chain and control the game economy.

In the near future, Station Zero X will be governed by its community through the SZX governance token. The community will control the treasury, fees, game mechanics, and future of the project.

Community powered

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